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I just want to say that I am very glad to have been apart of a great coach, a mentor, and more as well a father figure within my days of playing for coach Bailey. Coach Bailey pushed me on and off the court and anyone who wants to get better at learning the game as well as playing it has my word that coach Bailey is the guy to help you do so. His teaching techniques strengthen my game mentally and physically and helped prepare me to go up against the best and perform at a very high level. I'm sure that anyone that loves this game and willing to put in work with coach Bailey will notice their production from his training. Thanks Coach and good luck!!!

Martell C. Jackson-All region Guard Truman/Malcom X College & Hyde Park Academy.

Talking about a hard working man, whenever we wanted to work out no matter the time you made a way for us to do that. Pushed us into we was dead tired and always told us we will be something in life. Can't say thank you as much but I am ver appreciative of the things you do before me. Thank you coach.  

Korbin Mcclain-Wing South Suburban College

I want to start by saying  that basketball  is a game of life not for life like Many believe. In  Coach  Bailey  I was able to find more then a coach also a mentor. He is one of the greatest coaches I have the honor  to play and learn from. I have

to admit that He made me a better basketball player but also a better man for society. Here is one of the greatest  lessons

I learn from him, Anything is possible if  you decide  to putting the work it take to achieve  your goal. 

Francisco Concepcion-  Forward Malcolm X College

I'm very grateful that I had a chance to meet Coach Bailey in my life. When I met Coach in 2008, I was an international student and I was learning English as a second language,  but the awesome think about Coach he did not let barrier of language stopping him from accepting me as a player and a friend. I always felt comfortable being around coach

because he was not just a great basketball Coach, but a great father and mentor for the young guys. One thing that really impressed me was his integrity for his program. Even if a player had great skills, Coach  would  not let him  play if he

doesn't get his grade up. Finally,  I remember coach having me, my teammates and the staff over for thanksgiving and

that was my first Thanksgiving. It was incredible. I'm Very thankful that I met Coach Bailey and for the great advice

he gave. Today I am Certified personal trainer.. Thanx a ton Coach for bringing the best out of me evertime.  
Oumar Ndjembi- Forward, Truman College












Coach B is not only an amazing coach but also he is a father figure and true friend, he helped me get through my first 2 years of college both on and off the court. One thing I remember most is his gift to communicate with players ,weather its trying to motivate ,spiritually inspire or just cracking jokes. I learned alot from coach B he helped me take my game to the next level by spending countless hours polishing my game and most importantly just being the support system I needed. When I got home sick or just wanted talk about life he was there. Just wanted to say thank you coach for giving me your time and always believed in me .Please continue inspiring the youth , we need more coaches like you.

A.J. Mandani- Guard, South Suburban College. Pro basketball player in philippines


I was blessed to work as an assistant on Coach bailey's staff at Truman & Malcolm x colleges respectively, I personally witnessed coach bailey go into some of the toughest neighborhoods in the city of Chicago and located several young men who were out of high school & unsure of the route there lives would take coach bailey convinced these young men to come back to school and get an education along with playing basketball several of these young men have earned their  bachelors degrees and are currently working in various professional settings and supporting their families. Coach Bailey is an excellent coach who will get the  most out of any athlete he trains !!!  

Eric Wright-Associate head coach Truman & Malcolm X College


Anytime I needed a good workout or advice you did that for me. Never told me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Always pushed me to do the right things on and off the court. I'm appreciative for everything you've done for me. Thank you again.. Lavell Boyd-All-American Guard. Region IV player of the year. South Suburban College



I just want to shed light on how coach bailey had a huge impact on my life, not only as a coach but mentor and father figure. I been knowing coach bailey for 12 plus years. Though these year he challenged me to become a better person, student and basketball player. He encourage me to be a student 1st and basketball player second. Player for him as a challenge when I 1st met him. I thought he was always against me. But as I start to mature over his guidance, I learned that there was a method to his madness. His a great motivator. I was in the best shape of my life playing for him. He push me to get in shape so I can play 40mins if I had to and it was days I had to. I looked up to him as also a father figure when I had no male to go to he was there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. He never let me down. He kick but when I need a kick and gave me a hug when I need a hug but never Vice versa. For him coming in my life I'm very thankful..

Mike Jackson- All-Region Honorable Mention Guard Truman College & Hyde Park Academy


Playing for Bailey was one the toughest, yet helpful obstacles I faced; not just as a basketball player, but as a person. It was a great learning experience. Didn't really realize how helpful it would be until after I was done playing for him. All the sprints we ran daily. We had to be mentally tough to survive, even if you felt his decision for discipline wasn't right. What got me thru the discipline workout was me saying in my head that it was gonna help me. I'm a strong believer of the saying "what don't kill you makes you stronger." Every experience I've had with Bailey I took it as a lesson learned. His workouts are intense and very helpful, it elevated my game to a whole new level. That being said if you can survive Bailey workouts you can survive any workout. (IT WORKS) .

Victor Guider- Guard,Truman & Malcolm X College


Coach Bailey is a great coach and better man! He taught me how to fight through adversity even when I didn't want too,

both on and off the court. I will always go through life with him in the back of my mind saying "mind over matter son"
Martel Jackson- Guard Malcolm X College












Kb! I have always respected your love for the game! Your very passionate about your players. You have been successful at all levels. Always had your kids mentally focused and locked in to play hard for 40 minutes. Very humble off the court. Well respected amongst your peers. Sean Pryor- Assistant Coach Chicago State University


When everybody else gave up on me, Coach Bailey prayed with me and we lived in the gym. After not playing ball for a year, we got in the gym together and made magic happen. He turned me into an All-American at the height of 5'6 and helped me earn a Division 1 scholarship for basketball.He's hands on one of the best trainers and coached that I've ever had. He brings out the best in you in every situation on and off the court! Jamill Harris All-American Guard Truman College.

I thank GOD for this man HE sent in to my kids lives. A dedicated family man, mentor and teacher; for 12 years of knowing this man he always found time for many young men, keeping them on track. Being there when they needed him, The most thing ever is his coaching skill for he love of basketball. The young men respected him dearly. Right to this day, my sons look up to him and they say, we can count on this Godly man. He is a fun person to be around,but is serious when it's time to be.Again, I thnak GOD for him and he always called me momma Jackson and I'd laugh so hard  because I thought he was as old as myself.  Ada Jackon-Mother of Martell C. & Mike Jackson


I have known Coach Bailey, his parents, and brother for over twenty five years. I have watched him grow into a positive Christian, father, husband, teacher and coach. In the mid 80’s Coach Bailey and I would run/bike in the morning hours. We would study tapes of Michael Jordan, and NBA games followed by playing for hours in the evenings. This was done daily for years. The attention to details was uncanny for a student of the game at that age. We attended the University of Illinois Chicago together in the mid 90’s. Through hard work and dedication Coach Bailey was able to walk onto the team. We continued our study and work out sessions that we held as kids. I have been able to watch Coach Bailey in practice as Head Coach at Truman, and Malcolm X colleges. The attention to detail, effort and passion he exhibited as a kid were still well in tune as a coach. I watched how his players responded to his instructions and how they all looked him in his eyes when he spoke. I only wished Blessed2Ball was around when my son was honing his basketball skills. If one wants to be challenged in the game of basketball as well as life. Blessed2Ball is undoubtedly the place to learn. I am thankful to have been pushed by Coach Bailey physically, mentally, and spiritually from Jr.High throughout my professional career. I am thankful to continue to be pushed by Coach Bailey to be the best man I can be. I am thankful to call Karvell Bailey one of the closest friends I have.....Johnelle Slone (Rich South High School, Kankakee Community College, University of Illinois Chicago, European Professional, Assistant coach Kankakee High School, Bishop McNamara High School, Kankakee Community College).











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