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Meeting coach Bailey for the first time, he came off as a cool and calm type coach. Talked a lot of smack when I first started coming to the gym and I was used to that. But I think I caught him by surprise when we started playing. My first year playing for Bailey was tough to say the least. I had never wanted to quit basketball until I started playing with him lol. It was like we were a track team! I'm positive we ran more than any other basketball team in the world, but it made

us better! His workouts were tough, practice was super tough, but that's why we were the best underdog team ever! Bailey is by far the best coach I ever had. He instilled this confidence in me and it brought the dog out of me. Upon playing for Bailey, I had never played with so much confidence ever. He was the only coach that I felt like really believed that I

could be good enough to continue playing after my college days. Bailey not only taught us the game well, he also

taught us about life and how to be MEN! I'm proud to say that I played for Coach Bailey. I think without him,

I wouldn't be the player and person that I am today! Thank you for all you've done for me!

Carde Pennington Former Guard Truman/Malcolm X College. Current Harlem Globtrotter "ROCKET"



Coach Karvell Bailey gave me opportunity, he was my first college basketball coach and I had a strong 2years playing with him. As I reflect back on things, he has helped me mature as a young man & basketball player. He did not play about grades! You were a Student-Athlete before anything! You could not play without grades! His passion and enthusiasm and love for the game stands out as a coach. He is a very good person as well! I was challenged Spiritually, Mentally, & Physically with Coach Bailey because I was his point guard. I can honestly say he challenges all players but his Point Guard is a reflection of him on the court and I can respect that. My skills got better and I got better as a person along the path with coach Bailey and I really appreciated it, and I would recommend any young players, teenagers, or college players to challenge theirself and work with Coach Bailey. I see great worth in what he is doing with Blessed 2 Ball Skill Development Academy. I got the chance to work with him this summer before I left for overseas and it was one tough workout that I needed before takeoff! Thanks Coach B, keep working..

Sean Hill Jr- Former Malcolm X Point Guard, Current European Pro.

I can say first off that you are not a person that's going to sugar coat nothing and to me that's the best type of teaching you need from a personal or coaching stand point. You the type of coach that's going to actually teach the game from wherever the individual need to start at. I was in the worst shape of my life when I met u in 2010 and from the help and drive you put in me put me in the best shape of my life giving me an opportunity to be the best player I can be on the court. One other thing I can say about you as a coach is that if a weak minded player come in your gym he either going to get strong minded which will make him a better person or he want be around for long. I loved my season I played for you it brighten my future and made me feel the atleteism I needed to play on the same court as the best. You are a great coach in my eyes and I'm waiting on you to get the job you well deserve and I will be one of your assistant. But alongside all the great things you are as a coach your drive come from how your players are living off the court. You try your best to instill in your players head that living right off court play a big part in how you play. Coach you love the challenge that God put in front of you for basketball and you is doing a damn good and transforming HOOPERS into BASKETBALL PLAYERS!!.Charles Peden- Former Wing Malcolm X College/ Mid-Continent University


One of the greatest blessing to ever happen in my life was getting to play for Coach Bailey. He instilled in me the value of working past what you believe is possible and setting your goals beyond imagination. Then, developing a plan and achieving it. I wouldn't have been able to imagine what I'm doing now if it wasn't for him. It's because of this man I believe anything is possible. If you believe you can be a better person (and better athlete) than who you are today, and you don't sign up, you are either making excuses or you are lazy. Invest in yourself and you will see the return. I can honestly say there were times when I hated him while I played under his guidance, but the second you leave you realize how much you have grown as a man and a player.I would go to war for this man because he taught me the values of being a good person in a world where it seems better to take the easy way out. If you want to change you life, sign up.

Edward Harrington- Former Truman Wing, Current World Model.


Coach Karvell Bailey is a well respected basketball co.ach all over the country. He has done a fabulous job of developing his players at the high school and college level. As a head coach on the high school and college level, Coach Bailey is a proud teacher of the basic fundamentals of the game of basketball, and there is no doubt in my mind that any player that he coaches or train will also become a student of the game...Aubrey "Coach V" Volious- Assistant Coach Governors State University.  


I've known Coach Bailey for twenty years.  I have seen him grow from a tenacious and gritty player into a skilled and caring steward of the game.  Not only is he one of the better coaches that I know, he's an even better person.

Gene Cross- Assistant Coach Reno Big Horns NBADL


I have known Coach Bailey for the last 7 years and he has proven to be a tireless worker and is motivated by the desire to help young kids become successful in any and all situations and using the game of basketball as a vessel to do so. It is probably his keen sense of observation and willingness to work with people that has impressed me most.

Nigel Thomas- Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  North Carolina Wesleyan College


I have been involved in coaching at all levels for over 30 years and watching the positive impact Coach Bailey has on the lives of those he has been involved is simply amazing.  They don't come any better than Karvell!

Pete Norman Athletic- Director Former Head Coach Highland Community College


In a game that is in search of the truth as well as integrity. Karvell Bailey's blessed 2 ball foundation is the place to be, I believe this is essential in your child's development as a player but more importantly as a young man/ woman. The fundamentals of basketball have disappeared over the last few years with the new found attitude of win at all costs. Coach B brings this back to life by teaching the fundamentals of the game but more importantly using the game to teach the fundamentals of life....

Dedtrick Shannon- Assistant Coach Oklahoma Panhandle State University


Coach Bailey is a great teacher and practitioner of basketball skill development. He has a keen eye in assessing a player's skill level. I use many of the drills he incorporates in our daily practice sessions. Coach Bailey believes in a player being fundamentally sound. When possible, I have him work with my players every year...Darryl Scott- Head Women's Coach South Suburban College












 Karvell, is not just a good friend he is a great coach that really develop players. I strongly encourage everyone to join Blessed2ball..... Tracy Dildy- Head Coach Chicago State University

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