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School Programs

A Change In You

Character Development Program


Helping Schools Improve Their Culture, Climate, and Student Engagement,

While Increasing the Necessary Skills That Makes Them More Productive, Authentic and Effective in Today's Rapidly Changing Society



To enhance the culture and climate of schools by decreasing the number of behavioral incidents

Increasing the attendance rates as well as the academic performances of those we serve.


Students in the Change in You Program, will develop 3 fundamental life skills on which all other skills can be built.

Effective Communication, Decision Making, and Goal Setting are the gateway to success.

Through engaging and meaningful lessons, activities, and role-playing, students will acquire valuable skills that will not only make them leaders in their school and community but also allow them to thrive in any college or career of their choice


We offer Summer, After-School, Prep, and Virtual Programs 


We are a Chicago Public Schools Vendor.




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